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It's now almost 20 years since HIV was declared by press conference to be the "probable cause of AIDS". During that time, relentless propaganda has served to consolidate the public perception of HIV as a deadly virus, with AIDS becoming a lucrative and enormously powerful global industry. As well as being a vehicle for Western economic interests, HIV/AIDS also became a vehicle for diverse political interests, in particular the population control agenda of Western governments (see the book The Truth About HIV)

What would it take for you to do the following?:

The above things happen every day in the name of HIV/AIDS and include taking children off their parents and forcibly testing and poisoning them. A huge amount of information, some of it on this site, shows beyond doubt that the source of all this misery and stigma, i.e. the establishment position that HIV is the cause AIDS, is fundamentally flawed.

This site is dedicated to the many lives (both HIV positives and negatives) being destroyed across the world every day by the dogma that HIV is the cause of AIDS

John Kirkham 26/04/03

Help raise awareness of proven, effective, non-toxic AIDS treatment and prevention.

The Pharmacos want to take away your right to your own health by banning food supplements. HELP STOP THEM, IT'S NOW OR NEVER!

FEATURE ARTICLE: Why I Quit HIV by Assistant Professor Rebecca V. Culshaw, Mathematical Biologist. 3rd March 2006

Why I Quit HIV Part 2 by Rebecca V. Culshaw, 21st March 2006

The Circular Reasoning Scandal of HIV Testing by Neville Hodgkinson. Article in The Business 21st May 2006

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