Basic Points on Kremer

See also: The Work of Dr Heinrich Kremer on AIDS

1. There are 2 types of immunity, cellular immunity and antibody immunity. Cellular immunity is concerned with getting rid of invading microbes INSIDE cells whereas antibody immunity is concerned with defence outside cells.

2. There are two types of CD4 cells (immune helper cells): Type 1 cells (TH1 cells) and Type 2 cells (TH2 cells). TH1 cells release chemical messengers that stimulate cellular immunity and they produce NO gas. TH2 cells stimulate antibody immunity.

3. Cellular immunity uses NO gas defence against microbes. Overproduction of this gas due to oxidative stress can be very damaging to cells and mitochondria and can deplete the levels of the major cellular antioxidant glutathione which is the "gas mask" for the cell.

4. To protect cells from damage due to NO production exceeding the antioxidative protection of glutathione, immune cells called macrophages instruct immature CD4 cells to mature into TH2 cells rather than TH1 when the level of glutathione inside the macrophage gets below a certain level, leading to a loss of cellular immunity. Loss of cellular immunity NO gas defence leads to the opportunistic infections seen in AIDS. The TH2 cells migrate to the bone marrow where they stimulate antibody production.

5. The increased cell breakdown processes occuring due to oxidative stress also cause the release of increasing quanities of cortisol in order to reduce inflammatory damage, this cortisol further suppresses celullar immunity.

6. The hormonal imbalance due to excess cortisol and the oxidative imbalance (loss of glutathione) due to oxidative stress reinforce each other and drive the bodily condition towards AIDS.

7. The oxidative damage to mitochondria (the energy factories of cells) manifests as wasting, nerve damage, heart attacks, tumors etc and the destruction of more TH1 cells.

8. The anti-HIV drugs destroy mitochondria and the bone marrow. The rise in CD4 cells caused by the drugs is due to the release of TH2 type cells from the bone marrow into the blood stream due to the bone marrow toxicity of the drugs, it is not due to an anti HIV effect.

The observation that antibody levels continually rise in HIV positives is ignored by the medical establishment. If HIV really does what it is supposed to do and reduces the number of CD4 cells, then antibody levels should continually go down because the role of type 2 CD4 cells (TH2 cells) is to stimulate antibody production.