Some Points Countering HIV As The Cause Of AIDS

1. All AIDS patients have oxidatively damaged immune systems. Oxidative damage comes before "HIV replication" if HIV were the cause, or at least the primary cause, of AIDS the reverse would be true.

2. AIDS defining illnesses occur without HIV

3. There is no scientific evidence for AIDS with HIV as the only factor.

4. If HIV caused AIDS then PCP would be the typical AIDS defining disease all over the world rather than just in the West where anti-HIV drugs are available.

5. The antibody level of HIV positives continues to rise although HIV is supposed to cause AIDS by reducing the cells which stimulate antibody production.

6. There is never enough working HIV in the body to cause even a sneeze, the "viral load" overestimates HIV by a factor of 60,000 on average.

7. The anti-HIV drugs destroy the bone marrow where all immune system cells are born and they destroy mitochondria which ALL cells rely on for energy.

8. Comparing drugs with no drugs (comparison of two studies because no single study compares drugs with placebo) shows beyond doubt that the combos have the same effect as poverty and malnutrition.

9. The anti-HIV drugs have general anti-microbial effects which could provide short term therapeutic benefit, there is no scientific basis for attributing this benefit to an anti-HIV effect.

10. AZT makes the CD4 count go up in HIV negatives as well as HIV positives so the rise in CD4 count cannot be due to combating HIV.

11. HIV showed over 40% variation in an essential gene sequence coding for an internal protein (protease) within a single subgroup taken from a population within a single country (the US), its mutation rate is too high for it to be an effective, disease causing virus, this degree of mutation is unheard of in other viruses.

12. Infectious diseases spread exponentially but AIDS does not.

13. Contrary to the HIV hypothesis of AIDS direct measurements show no corellation between "viral load" and CD4 count.

14. Mountains of reasearch throughout the 1970s showed that retroviruses (HIV is called a retrovirus) cannot kill cells.

15. It is biochemically impossible for AZT to have an anti-HIV effect.

16. There is, after more than 20 years and hundreds of billions of dollars in research, no mechanism found by which HIV can cause AIDS.

17. Viruses that are neutralised by antibodies but remain latent in cells as HIV is said to do (eg. herpes) cannot reassert themselves and cause a chronic condition (eg shingles) on their own, there must be some other immunosuppressive factor to allow them to take advantage.

18 There are no sufficient genetic differences in HIV that enable HIV to do the things that are claimed for it.

19. HIV has never been isolated as a physical virus.

20. Primates infected with SIV do not get AIDS in the wild and SIV seroprevalence in primates is not compatible with the presumed evolution of resistance to SIV in primates.

It is overwhelmingly clear form an objective consideration of the data that the answer lies in strengthening the immune system rather than in combating “HIV” For supporting references see Top 100 AIDS Science Inconsistencies