5 Questions To Expose Your HIV Doctor

1. Why does the antibody level of HIV positives continue to rise?

2. Why does AZT cause a CD4 count increase in HIV negatives as well as in HIV positives? (1)

3. Two repeat positive ELISAs are regarded as diagnostic in England and Wales while in the rest of the Western world the Western Blot test (widely regarded as the most accurate) must be used as an additional confirmatory test. Why is this?

4. Why do direct measurements of changes in CD4 cell numbers show no correlation with viral load? (2)

5. What is the mechanism by which HIV causes AIDS?


1. According to the establishment HIV causes AIDS by reducing the number of CD4 cells. This cannot happen because type 2 CD4 cells are responsible for stimulating antibody production. If these cells were really reduced by HIV, the antibody level of HIV positives would not continue to rise.
2. If the rise in CD4 count were really due to an anti-HIV effect of the drugs this could not happen. In reality the increase is due to type 2 CD4 cells entering the bloodstream from the bone marrow in response to the bone marrow toxicity of the drug.
3. HIV positivity is an arbitrary rather than an absolute definition.
4. Again, if HIV causes AIDS via its effect on CD4 cells there should be a correlation.
5. The correct answer is: “No-one knows” This is because HIV does not cause AIDS.


(1) AIDS 1996, 10(12):1444-5
(2) Nature Medicine 1999, 5(1):83-89 (see fig. 4b)